Get Ready for the World Economic Forum Special Meeting

The World Economic Forum's Special Meeting on Economic Growth and Job Creation in the Arab World begins this weekend,with the goal of discussing employment, entrepreneurship and education prospects for youth in the region.

From October 21-23rd at the Dead Sea, Jordan, global leaders will address the following questions about development:

  • How can the Arab world provide accessible, high-quality education that will inspire the youth and support social development?
  • What intervention is required to improve the Arab world’s education systems?
  • How can East Asia’s economic yields from science and technology be replicated in the Arab world?

And about entrepreneurship:

  • What conditions are required to catalyse and scale entrepreneurship in the region?
  • What conditions will ensure that Arab youth are equipped to innovate and create new enterprises for the 21st century knowledge economy?
  • How can SME growth become a systemic feature of the region’s economies?

Explore the schedule here, and watch Wamda CEO Habib Haddad's video about how education, angel investment, incubators, an appropriate regulatory framework, and the media can all work to empower entrepreneurship.

Stay tuned on Friday for the WEF Lifestream on Wamda.


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