Meet the Teams from Startup Weekend Alexandria

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Who were the teams that pitched and won at Startup Weekend Alexandria? See the infographic by the Egypreneur Information Portal for details, and then see our list of the ideas, teams, and winners below.

Sweet Heaven celebrates winning first place

First Prize:
Sweety Heaven - Site the allows children to buy gifts once they’ve done enough chores
Sara Galal
Mohamed Tarek
Basayel Saeed
Mohamed Sanad
Mina Harvey
Reem Hany

Second Prize and winner of the Investment Ready award from Flat6Labs:
YouPik - Custom frame and picture ordering app
Moneer El-Kilany
Shady Moktar
Ahmed Galal

Third Prize:
AsTweeted - Twitter archiver and tweet analysis site
Mahmoud Saeed
Fawzeya Eissa
Alfred Nagy

Fourth Prize and a winner of the Most Innovative Prototype award from OrangeLabs :
QHat - Loyalty programme management app
Mahmoud Ghoz
Ahmad Elasra

Fifth Prize:
SLOW - Augmented reality app
Nadi Hassan
Mohamed Shrief
Helal Ismail
Rana Tarek
Yehia El-saka
Yassin Gamal
Mostafa Eweda
Ahmed Nagy

Winner of the Most Innovative Mobile Based Start-Up from Vodafone:
Faselty - Blood donor registration and real-time location app
Mahmoud Ahmed
Samar Ali
Mohamed Talaat
Ahmed Abu elDahab
Kahlid El-Maghawrgy

A winner of the Most Innovative Prototype award from OrangeLabs:
Car Pooling - App to sell your car seat space on regular journeys and track said journeys
Mohamed Kamal
Mahmoud Khalifa

Winner of consultancy service from E-Space:
QRasher - Personalised trackable dynamic QR code service
Karim Elemamy
Ahmad Fathy
Ahmad Nagy

Winner of consultancy service from E-Space:
Byse3 bel3arabeya - Bad driving behaviour reporting app
Amr Ali Abd Naby
Ahmed Ramdan

Winner of consultancy service from E-Space:
Byse3 bel3arabeya
Amr Ali Abd Naby
Ahmed Ramdan

Winner of consultancy service from E-Space:
Baddel - Products & services bartering and points earning site
Mohamed Al Borno
Hany Ezz
Abd El-Hamid Torky
Shaimaa Gamal
Randa Fathy
Mostafa Saed
Abd El-Rahman

Winner of consultancy service from E-Space:
Beena Green - Environmental social network and portal
Hanaa Mohamed
Salma Bakr
Mohmaed El-Sayed
Omneya Abd El-Maksod
Karim Gomaa
Aya Diab
Omar Mohsen

Winner of consultancy service from E-Space:
Club 7am - Early morning riser social network and app
Mahmoud Khalid
Ramy Abbady

Winner of the Incubation award from Tahrir Squared:
7ala wa7da - Charity collection site
Heba Hossny
Osma Brekaa
Mina Harvey

Winner of the award from Nokia:
Wall Market - App and service to allow ordering from supermarket banners
Mahmoud Abd El-Moaty
Ibrahim Abd El-Moaty
Hazem Khaled
Ahmed Tawfik

Ideas Square
Ehab Essam (winner of a personal award from Google)
Amr Samir
Ahmed Ghattas

1001 Inventions - 3D educational game based on the Arab inventions of the Middle Ages
Mohamed Safwat
Islam Waziry
Ahmed Soliman

Et2aked - Location grading add-on to FourSquare
Amr Mohamed
Mohamed Mahmoud
Shams El-Din
Mohamed Ahmed
Hossam Adel
Fadl Wahid

Store Mate - Cloud-based POS for SMBs
Hatem Mahmoud

Raga3holy - Service to recover data about lost or stolen smart-phones by SMS
Randa Hisham
Mohamed Rozza
Amir Serry
Rasha Abd el-Hamid

Hunt Events - Events subscription portal
Islam Mahmoud
Abd El-Rahamn Mahdy
Abd El-Rahman Gemei
Mohamed Ahmed Abd-Rady
Anas Emad
Ahmed El-Mansi
Buhr Nasr
Mohamed El-Saed

Kora Sharab - Online text-based football management game with distinct Egyptian flavour
Mahmood Amin Azmy
Ahmad Zahran

Farafeero - Daily deals aggregator subscription service
Mohamed Salah
Mahmoud Khalid

Khasesny - Social network to aid dieting
Ahmed Soliman
Mahmoud El-Eskandarany

TagThis - Blog post aggregator and subscription portal
Marawan Roushdy

Tawsela - Web-app for car lifts
Mostafa Ragab
Fawzeya Eissa
Mahmoud Metwally

Doctor Online - Online check-up and prescriptions site
Hossam 3adawy
Mina Sameh

Kamp Me - Ideas filtering and problem solving social network
Ahmed Rabie

Ma7fazty - Money manager app
Bassam Samy
Mohamed Zahlan
Marwan Abd El-Naser
Yaser Mostafa

Welad al Balad - Site and social network to promote travel as a local
Abd El-Halim
Mahmoud Rashad
Rana Tarek
Fatma Ragab
Roba Noor El-Deen
Zeyad Tarek
Amira Ahmed
Islam El-Masry
Mohamed Abd El-Azim
Ahmed Soliman

Easy Charge - Scratch card reader app
Ahmed Galal

Ahmed El-Hussaini
Osama El-Nily
Ahmed Sharkasy
Mohamed Abo El-Nour
Khaled Abdrab El-Nabi

OTM - ATM locator app
Amr Hussein
Hazem Khaled
Sherif Ahmed

Masroofy - App to log cash spend and set limits

The Easy Way - Gym space scheduling site

The Real Life Like - System using swipe cards to register a ‘like’ on products in stores

7ad Nazel Min Bara - Site for locals to get incoming travellers to deliver products purchased abroad

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