Exclusive Sneak Peak at Jabbar’s New Travel Site

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Word on the street is that Jabbar, or specifically, its travel arm Joob, is about to launch a new social travel site named Sawty.com (“my voice”).

We’ve come across a leaked screenshot of the site, which looks like a planning and review site along the lines of Tripadvisor, but with an Arab World focus, and an added social layer.

The social layer looks like its most innovative aspect and the element that could set Sawty apart from standard review sites. It seems you can invite friends to travel with you, see reviews from friends, and look at travel guides tailored for travel from or within the region, while also creating your own guides as well. These all seems terrifically useful as lot as good privacy controls are also in place.

Visually it looks like a nice compliment to Joob, which could be dubbed the Expedia of the UAE; Sawty shares elements of Joob’s sleek design, and likely will connect to flights offered through Joob.

But this is all speculation- Joob has not commented on the site yet, bu we can’t wait to see it when it launches. Stay tuned.

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