Jordanian Startup Madfoo3atCom Takes the Headache Out of Bill Payments [Wamda TV]

Madfoo3atCom (meaning "your payments") is a Jordanian bill presentation site that allows customers to pay their bills through banks, online and mobile banking, ATMs, and call centers, to alleviate the annoyance of having to pay billers directly.

In Jordan, where electricity and water bills are sometimes delivered haphazardly and can only be paid at the post office or to the biller directly, a platform like Madfoo3atCom solves a critical problem, especially for those who are traveling or living outside the country.

To launch its service, Madfoo3at leveraged banks' desire to provide more services and engage customers, while pitching its time-saving qualiy to billers and customers. The platform currently has no competitors in Jordan, and plans to scale throughout the region, eventually offering customers the ability to pay their bills directly on the site.

Here at the World Economic Forum, Nasser al Saleh discusses the process of creating Madfoo3at, and how being incubated at Jordanian IT accelerator Oasis500 helped him convince corporations and banks to come onboard. Testing the idea in Saudi Arabia first was critical, he explains.

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