Arabic SEO Part 3: 10 Tips for Link Building

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So finally, after part one and two of our series on Arabic SEO, here I’ll discuss the most important element in SEO in general, which is link building. In this post, I’ll provide actionable advice that you can start implementing in order to gain authority and build your profile as a trusted website.

One quick note before we begin: when addressing each of the tips below, there are two questions you need to ask yourself before you start your outreach:

  • Is the website relevant to my niche?
  • Does the website project a specific authority? For example, does it have loyal social followers? etc..

Below are some of my top techniques and tips, that I constantly use with my current clients:

  1. Video Content: A great example is Wamda TV. Whether on Wamda’s proprietary player or YouTube, Wamda can leverage the video content they provide, especially when bloggers and other readers embed those videos in their blogs or sites.
  2. Infographic / Video Infographic: An Infographic is a part of a link bait strategy, as bloggers tend to share infographics on their personal blogs (ex: North Africa Facebook).
  3. Widgets: Create a widget to syndicate your content. You can start with
  4. Interviews: If you interview someone who has their own blog or website, they’re bound to link to the interview or mention you through their social accounts (you gain exposure and links through second effect).
  5. Directories: Submit your website to relevant, high-quality directories. Quality matters.
  6. License your content under Creative Commons' Attribution: If you have photos, videos, graphics and charts, you can share these resources, which will generate links back to your resource; a great example is Wikipedia.
  7. Press Releases: Be sure to submit your press releases to AMEInfo and Zawya (and Wamda). The first two don't usually offer a link back to your website, but this is a good strategy for acquires links through secondary effect.
  8. Badges: A great example is Wamda and its wonderful community built from experienced and well-known contributors. Each contributor owns a personal Blog. Wamda can leverage this opportunity by creating a “Wamda Contributor” badge. As a contributor, I will be more leaning to take the  “Wamda Contributor” Badge and add it to my personal blog (code example:
    <a href=””><img src=”” alt=”an optimized keyword you want to rank for”></a>

  9. Guest Posting: Depending on your niche, it may make sense to permit guest posting. In other words, someone other than you can create content on your site. This content can range from a valuable Beginners guide to an Image, or Video Content. A great way to find these blogs is using advanced search operators in (example: Replace “real estate” with your keyword, also you can replace “writer for use” with “guest posting,” “guest blogger” or “guest post.”

10. Create Lists: Build Lists, like “Top Ten X” or “10 easy tips.” Bloggers loves them and they get shared and tweeted all the time.

So there you go; I’ve given you a handful of great ethical link-building techniques to start your web campaign and increase your domain authority and trust.

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