Get MBA Skills for Free Playing MIT’s New Online Game

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Honing your business skills by playing a free online game sounds too good to be true. But, as Good Magazine reports, MIT’s Sloane School of Business has now publicly launched one of its coolest internal MBA teaching tools, “Platform Wars,” a game that teaches you how to edge out cutthroat competitors in the same space.

The simulator, which has been been developed in business management classes taught by Joan Sterman, puts you at the helm of a video game company. Whether you’re the head of Microsoft or Nintendo, battling to ensure the supremacy of the Wii or the XBox, you have to make strategic decisions to edge out your competitor's platform and maximize profit over 10 years.

The simulator’s goal is to teach skills that extend far beyond the gaming sector alone; learning how to price products, make your features competitive, and incentivize developers or employees are skills that any entrepreneur can use. By adding the simulator to its OpenCourseWare program the November, MIT is taking another step to democratize its MBA.

Check out the simulator on the MIT Sloane Innovative Resources site, and let us know what you think. Case studies and video tutorials are also available there.

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