Launching the First Regional Network for Creative Talent at TasmeemME [Wamda TV]


"Whoever believed in his idea and worked on implementing it is an entrepreneur," says founder Tamam Mango while introducing TasmeemME, the first regional online networking site dedicated to creative talent, that won 1st place at the Arabnet Awards 2010.

Tasmeem Middle East (tasmeemME), which Mango co-founded with Noor El Fadl, who now runs the platform with Yehia Houry, allows companies and individuals to share work, find the right talent to help get a project done, and connect with fellow designers.

Noor El Fadl speaks about how she used the experience she gained during her past jobs to start TasmeemME and how she hopes the project will become a hotbed of job opportunities for young creative people in Jordan and the region.

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