eCloset Launches Online Competition Showcasing Jordanian Fashion Designers

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Jordanian startup, a website for mixing and matching clothes and sharing them with your friends, has launched a new fashion competition featuring the work of local fashion designers in Jordan. 

"The idea behind the competition is to promote and empower local fashion designers by making their creations more interactive through a specialized online medium," founder Evelyn Zoubi said in a statement. "Most of the fashion designers lack online presence and most of them rely heavily on the word of mouth as a primary marketing channel, whilst the general brand literacy among clothing consumers is focused on a few known fashion brands only."

In the competition, clothing items created by Jordanian designers are shown in digital form on the site, and users mix and match the fashion pieces to create outfits, which are then submitted to the competition. Creators of the most popular outfits, as determined by audience vote up until January 22nd, will win prizes from designers. 

This competition marks the first public foray by, which creator Evelyn Zoubi pitched as a virtual closet at Arabnet this past March. While Zoubi's initial vision may have involved encouraging consumers to represent actual pieces in their closets online, the new site creates a way for online consumers to assess matches between existing fashion pieces online rather than translate their own wardrobe to the virtual space. Unlike recently created Windows Phone 7.5 app DressBox, eCloset's goal is also not to assess fit or demonstrate how these clothes would look on a person, but rather to allow consumers to share items among their friends on social media and receive feedback.

Social media sharing alone will likely not make the site wildly popular; critically it's eCloset's pivot into highlighting local brands that situates the startup as a more scalable idea. This may allow it to potentially become a highly stylized e-commerce platform that could offer the market something above and beyond typical online shopping sites, if the design is implemented in an easy-to-use, well, fashion.

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