Full List - Final Results of the Best MENA Startups of 2011

Due to popular request, we are now posting the full final results of the Best MENA Startups of 2011 poll, by percentage. More than 20 thousands have voted. Congratulations again to the winners and thanks to all for participating and voting!


Best Non-Technology Startup

Kashida (a Lebanese firm that creates furniture based on Arabic letterforms) - 40%

Zawayed (a Jordanian initiative that re-imagines discarded items as art) - 35%

Wild Guanabana (outdoor adventures and creative travel experiences) - 12%

Wild Peeta (a fusion shawarma chain) - 6%

Just Falafel (a falafel fast food franchise) - 5%

Kitsch (a cupcake chain in Beirut, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi)

KlinProductions (a Tunisian green detergent company) 


Best Use of Technology

Madfoo3at.com (a personal online billing platform) - 37%

TasmeemME (Networking site for creative talent across the region) - 35%

Laimoon (a new way of recruiting online) - 11%

Butterfleye (Smart goggles that track heart rates)

Design Hub (a designer listing and matching site) 

Monaqasat (a B2B eTendering solution

Qordoba (Crowdsourced translation through an online platform)

Dakwak (Translation and localization technology for websites) 

Duplays (a social sports hub) 

Kngine (semantic search engine) 


Best Social Impact Venture 

Ruwwad (Helping disadvantaged communities overcome marginalization through education, youth activism and civic engagement) - 31%

Hamzet Wasel (Enriching the social and cultural fabric of urban communities in the Arab region) - 26%

7alaWa7da (Crowdsourced donation platform for NGOs) - 17%

Nakhweh (Volunteer matching service for youth with NGOs and Startups) - 13%

The Little Engineer (Teaching young kids robotics and engineering skills) 

Zeedna (Cloud-based online publishing, commerce and engagement platform)

Fainak (Building an active youth culture in Saudi Arabia)

Souk el Tayeb (Farmers Market in Beirut) 

Best eCommerce Startup

YaMsafer (a hotel booking portal for Palestine) - 37%

MarkaVIP (flash sales of luxury items) - 22%

Books.com.eg (online bookstore) - 12%

Sukar (flash sales of luxury items) - 11%

Jamalon (online bookstore) - 10%

Mizalla (online shopping mall) 

Run2Sport (an online sports shop) 

Knooz (flash sales of luxury items) 

Livremoi.ma (online bookstore)

Ihjez (online restaurant booking platform) 


Best Mobile App 

Agenda25 (a personalized Egyptian news aggregator app) - 41%

CircleTie (location-based social network and local directory) - 25%

Dermandar (app to create Panoramic photos) - 7%

Gazar (lifestyle and order deliveries) - 7%

CareZone (check-in and mobile payment app for social good) - 7%

Intafeen (location-based social network)

Twist Radio (music streaming)

Byt2ebed 3alia (personal security app for Egypt)

Me360 (location discovery)

Inkezny (personal security app)


Best Game/Gaming Studio

Hangman Arabic - (الرجل المشنوق by iPhoneIslam.com) - 41%

Hitman’s Life by Wizards Productions (Arabic MMORPG) - 33%

GameTako (Arabic online gaming platform) - 16%

Knights of Glory (Forsan AlMajd) by Falafel Games (Epic MMO game) - 6%

Birdy NamNam (Arabia’s Angry Birds)

Wixel Studios (Gaming studio behind 'Masr Ayza Min' and 'Santa's Rookie') 

PiranhaByte (Creators of Kalimat iOS app)

MENA Speed (Sur3a) by Quirkat (a car racing game)


Best Arabic Content Startup

Tatbeeq.at (Arabic Apps reviews) - 28%

Altibbi.com (Medical Reference Portal) - 17%

Zaytouneh (Arabic Cooking Videos) - 14%

Yala.fm (Music streaming) - 12%

Cinemoz (Premium Arabic Videos) - 7%

Supermama (For mothers and their needs) - 6%

Istikana (Premium Arabic Videos) - 5%

Alamjadid.ma (Moroccan Social Network) - 5%

ArabiaWeddings.com (Wedding Planning) 

Nawa3em.com (Women lifestyle portal) 


Best Readers' Choice Startup

At7addak - 29%

Fustany - 8%

Wheels Express - 8%

Foodonclick - 6%



Eat Now 


TakTek Games 


Zikra Initiative



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