Mobile vs. Internet vs. TV: Who Wins in the Arab World? Part 4: The Arab Uprisings

"New ideas will not come from staying in our comfort zone," says Badih Fattouh of Dubai-based broadcasting giant MBC. "Having said that, it's easier said that done." 

Fattouh addresses the factors that make it slow to transform traditional media, and yet champions taking calculated risks and exploring new revenue models to bring more diverse content onto standard media channels, despite the challenges that local content presents.  

Finally, moderator Ovais Naqvi of Abraaj asks, how have the Arab Uprisings affected content creation, and what ways can young entrepreneurs in the region be inspired? 

Abed Agha, the founder of digital media company Vinelab, describes the apps that have emerged from Tunisia and Egypt, and how Apple and Android are facilitating more content creation by lowering the cost. 

Mohammad Harib discusses how he gives university volunteers at Freej a chance to present their own ideas and get a leg up in the business. 

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