What it Takes to Mold a Successful Chocolate Company in Jordan [Wamda TV]

Jordanian entrepreneur Lena Hundaileh believes that self-confidence, perseverance, insightful vision, optimism and having an action plan are the essential specifications any entrepreneur should have to lead a startup to success. She speaks from experience, having founded many companies manufacturing chocolate, personalized chocolate gifts, gummy bears candies for children and the latest, "Chocolography," all of which have been successful. 

Hundaileh speaks about the importance of achieving ideas in different ways and focusing on self-development regularly to avoid being surpassed by competitors. It is also important to recognize mistakes and moments of failure and use them as a key to work on weakness points and strengthen them, she says.

She also says that during her career so far what was disappointing is to trust people and later discovering they were not trustworthy, and what makes her happy the most is people considering her as a role model and her story being taught in universities as an example of a successful businesswoman in the Arab world. ‬

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