List of Teams from Startup Weekend Amman

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Here's a full list of the teams that pitched and won at Startup Weekend Amman. Teams- feel free to send me your contact information or add it in the comments!

First place:

SafePlay: an educational game for Android & iPad teaching children not to create bad habits

Second place:

NewsMapia: an iPhone app that aggregates news based on current trends, offering categorization by country, region, or topic

Third place:

7regha: a social weight loss program leveraging Facebook

Fourth place: 
WMA (Word of Mouth Advertising): a platform that allows users to become freelance ad facilitators by tweeting ads for companies within their Twitter stream 

Fifth place: a geo-social netwaork that enables neighbors to share common interests and news, encouraging people to engage in civic participation. 

Others (in alphabetical order):

Ajjerni: a neighborhood goods swapping platform

Bookit: A mobile app for booking restaurants 

Codely: an online learning platform for information & communications technology (ICT) education

Dabberny: an iPhone app delivery service for Amman 

Dalalat: a platform for indexing keywords on Arabic language sites, performing trend analysis, and selling the research to websites, eventually through a crowdsourced model 

Dr. Bot: a mobile application designed to enable people to diagnose their conditions 

iDalle3: an Arabic e-commerce site selling Apple accessories 

Librowap: a book exchange site where users can rent books and buy and sell used books. 

Makhaditi (my pillow): web platform facilitating individual charitable donations

StarBidar: an Arabic karaoke website in Arabic

TeachAR: an application mixing mixing reality with imagination , learn & have fun, mix old & new ways of teaching. For kids, parents, and schools

Team Phoenix: a t-shirt that allows you to control your electronic devices. 

TemPerMe: a mobile application that controls the level of your voice during a call 

Tareeq Arab le Tafkeer: a site promoting an "Arab Way of Thinking" 

Sharakeh: a platform listing volunteering opportunities and NGOs in Jordan

Waselny: a carpooling website aimed at university students in Amman

[photos courtesy of the Startup Weekend Amman website]

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