Mobile vs. Internet vs. TV: Who Wins in the Arab World? Part 5: The Arab Uprisings [Wamda TV]

In the fifth semgent of the panel discussion on "Mobile vs. Internet vs. TV: Who Wins?" at CoE Animate 11, our animation-focused event held this past September, digital media experts Najeeb Jarrar, the MENA Product Marketing Manager at Google, and Hosam El Sokkari, Head of Audience at Yahoo! Middle East, continue to weigh in on the influence of the Arab Uprisings on digital media opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa.

"What we witnessed after the revolution was an explosion of expression in all countries, not just in Egypt," says Jarrar. He discusses the ways in which companies have leveraged this newfound interest to branch out into new content streams, that, in some cases, have been picked up by standard media channels. 

Jarrar gives advice for companies looking to break into the field of web content on how to think about quality and approach.   

Sokkari weighs in on ways that those looking to change a system, whether in politics or media, should approach the existing power structure, giving two main pieces of advice.

The best approach in digital media is to reach audiences on multiple platforms, not just reach for TV, he says.

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