Qordoba Launches Arabic ePublishing and eReading Platform

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[Diclosure: Wamda has invested in Qordoba].

Authors looking to digitize or self-publish Arabic books online or distribute Arabic publications on web and mobile now have it easier. Qordoba Books and Digital Publishing Solutions has launched a bilingual cloud reading platform that will help users convert, publish, distribute, and consume content online.

 “What we have built is a full A-Z solution that takes the headache and high cost out of digitizing books, publishing them online and distributing them on the web and to mobiles. We have focused specifically on resolving problems of right-to-left language readers and conversion to enhanced ePub,” explains Qordoba CEO May Habib.

While parent company Qordoba, Ltd. has also already launched crowdsourced translation company Qordoba Translation, Qordoba Books & Digital Publishing Solutions is the second company it has launched.

Qordoba Digital Publishing Services will facilitate publishing for web and mobile, while Qordoba Books will work as a digital reader, offering users the chance to read Arabic digital purchases through a Qordoba desktop application and across eReader applications for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android. Just like it would on Kindle or any other eReading device, bookshelves on Qordoba Books (@Qordoba Books) will sync wirelessly in the cloud.

To protect publishers from piracy, Qordoba has built its own advanced digital rights management (DRM) solution.

While generally promoting the creation of Arabic content with these two platforms, Qordoba will also enhance the social experience of reading Arabic digital content, by allowing users to connect on online profiles, create fan pages and book discussion groups, and share their recommendations via social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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