Ayah Bdeir: Building Blocks that Blink, Beep and Teach

In her recent TED talk , Ayah Bdeir, creator of LittleBits, who graduated from AUB in Lebanon and also founded media lab and creative space Karaj in Beirut, discusses how Lego took the world's building block- the concrete block- and made it into "the building block of our imagination." Then, the transistor became a building block that made everything interactive, but, in her lfietime, Bdeir couldn't accept that the transistor was a tool that only experts could play with, she says. 

She explains how she built LittleBits to make the act of building little machines intuitive. "We want to make every single interaction in the world into a ready-to-use brick," she says. "Lights, sounds, solar panels, motors, everything should be accessible." 

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