Launching a Cartoon Series Focused on Bedouin Culture: Part 1 [Wamda TV]

As we get geared up for CoE E-Commerce, happening on June 3rd in Amman, we're releasing more from the archives of September's CoE Animate 11. Stay tuned for more on CoE E-Commerce!

Zaidoun Karadsheh of Sketch in Motion describes how his company creates stories closely linked to local culture. After introducing previous animations Shofit Ainak ("See It With Your Own Eyes"), Nafhat Ailetna, centered around telling funny family stories, Ailet Abu Saleem, focused on health and diabetes awareness, and Ben7ebek Ya Baladna, designed to instill pride in Palestine, Karadsheh reveals how he built a Bedouin-oriented cartoon series, Al Masageel, which aired on MBC during Ramadan, to reflect all of the realities of Bedouin life today- the modern and traditional- to a generation of young Jordanians.

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