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Ashoka Arab World is looking for social entrepreneurs for its Fellowship program, who are social innovators with “System Changing Ideas” that address pressing problems in Egypt. Candidates from different countries in the Middle East and North Africa are welcome to apply or can be nominated, no later than April 13th, 2012. They must have:

1.    A New Idea (not a project, but a “system changing idea”).
2.    A local solution to solve a pressing problem on a national level.
3.    Already started implementing his/her idea.
4.    Proven impact on the community with proof that his/her idea works.
5.    The dedication to overcome challenges to ensure the success of his/her Idea.

Ashoka provides these social entrepreneurs with a range of services, to help them grow their impact, including a three-year stipend, media exposure, membership in a global network of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, and more.

Being the global community of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, Ashoka encourages individuals who know what is not working in their societies to develop innovative solutions that change the system and eliminate the problem.

Ashoka Arab World has currently 61 Fellows, in 7 Arab countries (Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia). These social entrepreneurs work in various sectors, making a difference for the benefit of health, environment, housing, children and youth, education, civic engagement, gender parity, education, job creation and income generation and other.

Click here to Apply or Nominate Social Entrepreneurs to the Ashoka Fellowship or write to Rana Rizk at

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