Building Customized Superheros for Kids: Egyptian Platform CartoonHero [Wamda TV]

At Google's Ebda2 competition in Cairo, Mohamed Tarek of CartoonHero explains how his software works to create customized 3D models of superheros for children. The idea involves using superheroes to boost children's self-esteem, while teaching them about responsibility.

"We turn kids into superheroes… a superhero is not just the guy who has or girl who has powers, she has a lot of responsibility using this power, so we are applying that idea in our model," says Tarek.

Essentially, kids can apply to the website (not yet live) and post three of their pictures so that CartoonHero can create a figure for them. They can then create their own identity, with their own name, style, and logo, with the oversight of their parents.

"It gives them so much self-confidence. I used to say, "I wish I could be like Superman. Now, with CartoonHero, kids can say, 'I can beat Superman,'" says Tarek, pointing out that it's important to empower them because "kids are our only hope for change."

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