Facebook Marketing: Why Global Brands Need to Change Strategies in the Middle East [Infographic]

What's unique about the Middle East when it comes to building your Facebook strategy?

Even if you're a local company, you might not want to follow global best practice but rather take into account unique aspects of the market in MENA.

The Online Project has completed a study that reveals qualities of the local Facebook userbase, including the fact that the average number of friends per user is lower in the Middle East than the U.S., and highest in Jordan and Lebanon.

Facebook use in the Middle East is also dominated by males, and most users in the Middle East also do not list their relationship status. For those wondering about the Arabic content breakdown, only 53% are using Facebook in English. Egypt has the most Facebook users, but the UAE has the highest percentage (see this in the report).

In places with lower user-to-friend ratios, you may want to use more Facebook advertising, TOP suggests. Check out the infographic below and then download the pdf to learn more facts and tips.


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