Facing Down the Challenges to Entrepreneurship in Egypt: Shereen Allam of Awtad [Wamda TV]

At the MENA Business Women's Network Forum this April, Egyptian entrepreneur Shereen Allam, the president of Cairo-based entrepreneur mentorship NGO Awtad, discusses the challenges that Egyptian entrepreneurs are facing right now, what the government and private sector can do to help, and her own challenges creating and growing her startups, clothing company Baby Boom and printer cartridge recycling company EcoTek, in Egypt. 

"Whatever you start, whatever idea you're getting, or doing, have a passion about it. Believe in it," she says." And please, do not think about failing before you start. It's an option that you keep in the back of your mind, but it should never be in front of you. Always think, 'I'll make it work."

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