Is Outsourcing Good for Entrepreneurship in Palestine? Feras Nasr of iConnect Tech [Wamda TV]

At Amman Tech Tuesday's second anniversary event, Feras Nasr, president of outsourcing company iConnect Tech, discusses outsourcing in Palestine and how it affects entrepreneurship and the ideas that startups generate. 

"It's good to have income and work with companies outside Palestine… [but] At the end of the day, when we finish our project, the source code, the application, everything is owned by the customer, not by the Palestinian company. That's where I see a problem… at the end of the day, we don't have a product to expand or build on." 

Nasr discusses taking lessons from the development of Jordan's tech scene, what brought him back to the region, and how he wants to inspire more to return to Palestine. 

Do you agree with his take on outsourcing? 

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