tasmeemME Continues Palestinian Museum Logo Design Competition

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Update: the deadline has now been extended to May 31st! Submit now.

It’s probably been a minute since you’ve heard from creative community network tasmeemME, which launched in 2009 and won first prize for best startup in the Arab World at Arabnet 2010. But founders Noor El-Fadl and Yehia Houry have been quietly building and iterating the Amman-based platform to make it even easier for job seekers and posters in the creative industry to find a match on the site. 

In a chat this winter, Houry and El-Fadl revealed to Wamda some upcoming changes on the platform, which they plan to launch within the next year: along with a new interface, tasmeemME will launch ratings and reviews to enhance feedback, and tutorials to teach creative job seekers about their rights in the business, in terms of intellectual property, copyrights, and even negotiating fees. 

“When I started in the business as a graphic designer, I had no idea what my rights were,” said CEO El-Fadl. “We want to educate creatives and become a one-stop-shop for anything you need in the creative sector; the Craigslist of creative work." 

Part of that vision includes taking an active role in leading design competitions. This month, tasmeemME has launched a global competition, in partnership with Palestinian NGO Welfare Association, to design a new logo for the upcoming Palestinian Museum based in Birzeit. 

The Palestinian museum, which aims to become a global hub for Palestinian culture worldwide, is committed to strengthening links among Palestinian communities and reinforcing their connections to the land of Historic Palestine, through the museum's branches and global exhibitions. 

The competition is encouraging designers to create a logo that can represent the multi-faceted institution on a global stage. “We have decided to reach out to talented designers around the world to get a design that we can truly adopt as the ‘face’ of the museum,” says Dr. Faris Nimry, Director of the Palestinian Museum. “It is the first thematic museum of its kind in Palestine bridging the old and the new, giving it a fresh and international feel that will encourage youth to get involved.” 

First place will be awarded $1,500, second place  $1,000, and third place $750.

“We are very excited to be managing this competition and to be part of this one-of-a-kind initiative for such a great cause,” El-Fadl said, in a statement. “Having had the chance to come across the incredible caliber of creativity in our region, we are really looking forward to seeing really great designs!”

Participants can submit as many designs as they wish until the deadline, which is May 20th- only one week is left. The competition is open to anyone aged 18 years and over who is not acting on behalf of any company or organization. Apply now on the tasmeemME competition site (and check out the technical specifications and competition guidelines, or email competition@tasmeemme.com for more information).

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