The Importance of Social Entrepreneurship for the Arab World: Rama Chakaki and Roland Daher [Wamda TV]

Rama Chakaki of Baraka Ventures and Zeedna and Roland Daher, Head of Business Development at Wamda, discuss their impressions of the NYU Abu Dhabi Hackathon, which was held this past October to encourage computer science students from the Arab World to create innovative solutions to issues facing the region, while receiving mentorship from experts. They also discuss the winning team, who developed an interactive computer application for physical therapy, named KineTherapy.  

"It's very important and beneficial to everybody that young people get to know about entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship at such an early stage of their life, so that they know their full potential, and how they can be, one, impacting the society, and second, making their dreams come true," says Daher. 

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