The Influence of Social Media on Journalism: Sree Sreenivasan of Columbia [Wamda TV]

Wamda contributor Gulay Ozkan, an instructor at Bilgi MBA and Bogazici Universities, sits down with Sree Sreenivasan, professor at the Columbia Journalism School, to chat about the influence of social media on digital journalism today. 

"Social media is one of the biggest things to affect journalism since the rise of the internet itself," says Sreenivasan, who explains why social media is useful, and how to use it effectively, and why creating helpful, unique, timely content is essential. He also explains why journalism in the future will be more digital, more specialized, and more social, and predicts the biggest trends to hit social media startups in the next year. 

"Every startup needs a social media strategy," he points out. For more on Sree, head to or find him at @Sree on Twitter. 

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