Woopra's New Interface Assists Quick Decision-Making

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Web analytics platform Woopra, which launched a sleek iPhone and iPad interface this fall, has updated their web app dashboard as well, giving the platform an edge over competitors when it comes to making user metrics simple to understand. 

We use both platforms here at Wamda, to compare and contrast statistics, but Woopra offers the ability to chat live with viewers on the site, to ask them questions about their experience, and simply see who is browsing and where, in realtime.

The new Live Dashboard enhances that experience, says Silicon Valley-based founder Elie Khoury: "This is an extension of Woopra’s commitment to an intuitively designed user interface, inspired by the concept that dashboards are meant to be a comprehensive snapshot of key data that requires no interaction."

When revealing metrics like top performing pages, best traffic referrers, and the level of visitor engagement, the site is designed to present a comprehensive view of statistical information without scrolling, says Khoury. While an advanced user might not worry primarily about interface, Woopra's ease of use specifically designed for very large, high traffic websites with specific high-volume needs.

To this end, the platform does, as TechCrunch reported, allow customers to segment their viewers using labels, a feature that Khoury acknowledges is central to what's unique about Woopra. While segmentation or labeling is not a new or unique feature on the platform, its ease of use is, on the new version. "Having real-time customer segment information on hand helps decision makers target and personalize for each customer," Khoury explains.

The new interface also makes it easier to use the web app when browsing on a tablet, not limiting the user to the (even easier to read, but simpler) app interface. 

As the similarities between different data analysis platforms narrow, uniqueness of information presentation, along with a commitment to ease of use, will likely continue to set the platform apart. The goal is to help customers transform data into action, while reducing dependence on IT support, says Khoury 

"Woopra helps businesses see their data and make better decisions with their data. Then, it gives them the power to execute, all in one place."

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