Democratizing Video Content in Egypt: Crowdsway [Wamda TV]

Mohamed Al-Borno, the CEO & Founder of Crowdsway, a startup that graduated from Cairo-based accelerator Flat6Labs, talks about his vision for a crowd-sourced platform for video content, and how it will democratize professional video creation.  He discusses how he plans to target an international market, and how the platform will make money through commissions as well as through an "ads for hire" platform where people will request short and creative ads on the site. The model is designed to also help filmmakers make money as well; Al-Borno explains how one rap artist was commissioned to create an ad and now has achieved more publicity and is producing a music video.  

The platform also has a section where non-profit filmmakers can try to assemble a team to work on projects. "We are the 99% of filmmakers," he says, explaining that he wants to share the platform's revenue with the filmmakers who help to build the platform.

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