Entrepreneur of the Week: Leith Matthews of MAKE Business Hub in Dubai [Wamda TV]

This week's Entrepreneur of the Week is Leith Matthews of MAKE Business Hub in Dubai, a co-working space that's generally packed with Dubai's young tech entrepreneurs. Here Leith chats with us about how he developed his concept for a unique space, how he views competition with Dubai's other big co-working space, The Pavilion Downtown Dubai, and how MAKE aims to support tech entrepreneurship with its new series MAKE Ignition and its "Dinner with TED" series. 

"What we're trying to with MAKE Ignition is create a culture of collaboration, where people are more likely to talk about their ideas, talk about what they're working on, and what I believe is the more we're talking about it, the more likely we'll be starting to make more things online in the tech scene," says Matthews.

For those looking to build a similar co-working hub, Matthews advises that they focus on looking at the range of models available and really understanding what the customer wants.

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