Game Developers, Looking for a Challenge? Create the First Aramex Game

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Gamers interested in making a name for themselves might want to check out Aramex's first Game Development Competition, which is soliciting demos for the first ever Aramex game.

The competition, cutely enough, encourages gamers to incorporate Aramex's service elements in the game, including express, freight, logistics, Shop and Ship, Infofort's information management solutions, or e-commerce.  

"Unleash havoc, raise the roof, and basically have fun," Aramex advises on their Facebook page and competition website, which solicit applications until July 31st. 

Developers can create games for iOS, Android, and web browsers (i.e. Facebook). in 4 categories: Casual (like Angry Birds or Cut the Rope), Action (Dead Space, Metalstorm, or Wingman), Strategy (like Farmville, Plants vs. Zombies), and Education (games that incorporate lessons, like the NASA app or Motion Math).  

Personally, I'd like to see a action game involving an Aramex delivery person dodging obstacles (detours, demonstrations, traffic jams, or grandmothers crossing the street) to pick up and deliver packages on time, collecting points to pay import duties along the way. 

Entries will be judged on several criteria including creativity, game mechanism, social elements, graphics, and performance. The winner, which will be chosen by August 31st, will receive $5,000 and a contract to develop the game; second and third prizes are $1,500 and $1,000. 

To qualify, aspiring gamers should submit a short demo to before July 31st (those who'd like more information can also email that address).

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