Growth of Active Twitter Users in the Arab World [Infographic]

In the vein of his recent infographic on Facebook Users in the Arab World, today Khaled AlAhmad (@shusmo) published an infographic detailing active Twitter use in the Middle East and North Africa, detailing data from an upcoming Dubai School of Government Arab Social Media Report.

"Active" is generally defined in the previous Arab Social Media Report on Twitter and Facebook use in the Middle East as those who post at least once within two weeks, and on average just under once a day.

This infographic looks at Twitter use in the MENA region during the time period between September 2011 and March 2012. 

Surprising statistics: 

- Kuwait outpaces all other countries when it comes to Twitter penetration as a percentage of population, despite the  fact that it ranks behind every other gulf state as well as Palestine when it comes to internet penetration rates, according to Internet World Stats.

- Tweets under English hashtags exceed those under Arabic hashtags for the same country, indicating a desire to communicate strife to the global community. 

- More Twitter users have come online during this time period in Saudi Arabia than in any other country in the Middle East, despite Saudi Arabia not having as overt tensions in the country as, say, Egypt, Bahrain, or Syria. Yet statistics on number of added users as a percentage of population might put this figure into context given Saudi's relatively large population. 

We'll have to wait for the Dubai School of Government to release the main report to see more. For now, click on the image below or here for the larger version. 

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