Entrepreneur of the Week: Bassam Jalgha, Inventor and Hackerspace Pioneer [Wamda TV]

Our entrepreneur of the week today is Bassam Jalgha, the founder of Douzan, a hardware solution that automatically tunes any stringed instrument, including the oud, which is difficult to tune. Jaghla discusses how winning MBC's Stars of Science reality TV show competition allowed him to finance and build three prototypes of the product so far.

Another reason Jaghla is an entrepreneur to watch is that he's part of a group of young Lebanese working on building a hackerspace in Beirut. He shares the feedback from the last event that the group organized, "Making Beirut, Version 1," and discusses creating a culture that supports hardware creation in Beirut.

"A big problem in this region is that there is a lack of support for hardware development. We grew up with the idea that we cannot actually produce, that we have to consume things that come from abroad, and this is wrong. Personally, I'm trying to change that, with my friends... I thought a good idea would be to gather all of the people who work in hardware in Beirut... in a single space, and try together to promote this culture," he says. 

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