Entrepreneur of the Week: Firat Isbecer of Turkish Mobile Solution Company Pozitron [Wamda TV]

This week's entrepreneur of the week is Firat Isbecer of Pozitron, an Endeavor Turkey company. Here he describes how he landed his first big client, despite competing with a Finnish company backed by Nokia, discusses how mobile payments are on the rise in Turkey and the MENA region, and explains why an entrepreneur working in the mobile space will need to focus. 

"If you want to have a sustainable, but not that scalable business, go B2B, but if you have a really good idea and a very strong team to execute that idea, gaming is very competitive… Arabic is spoken by 600 million people, so online gaming and mobile gaming is where there is huge growth," he says.

[Apologies for the pixelated video; this was filmed during the week with internet blackouts in Lebanon.]

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