Launching a Citizen Journalism Application: Mark Malcon & Emile Khatar from [Wamda TV]

Mark Malcon and Emile Khatar speak about, a citizen journalism application they built and developed since more than a year. is based on taking photos, arrange them in mini-stories, add a title and description and share the news. It allows the users to vote for the stories they like to push them to be on the top of the news. “The voting system differentiates the app from others, allowing users to check top news without a follow system like Twitter or a friend system like on Facebook. Other social networks will show you only the news shared by your friends or followings, is more like a newspaper, but based on citizen journalists” says Malcon.

Khatar describes how the app is adding geographic tags to the photos and accurate capturing time, and talks about monitoring system, how users can report a story and the team will check it and remove the content and the user or will send a warning.

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