Entrepreneur of the Week: Nour Khrais of Jordanian Gaming Studio Maysalward [Wamda TV]

This week's Entrepreneur of the Week is Nour Khrais of Jordanian gaming development studio Maysalward, one of the first game development studios founded in the Middle East. 

Khrais, who is known for always wearing different one-of-a-kind frames on his glasses, discusses the unique gaming culture that he built at Maysalward, starting in 2000 when he brought in Ukrainian gamers to train local Jordanian talent. He elaborates on  how he developed a culture of autonomy and fun that uses Google's ideas of giving developers a certain percentage of time to work on creative or independent projects, and touches upon how the recent boom of gaming companies in Jordan has influenced his outlook.

Generally, it's a good thing- "It's healthy growth that we would like to see more and more of in Jordan and the Middle East," he says. 

Watch to see his tips for aspiring game developers and young entrepreneurs.

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