Investing in Educating Consumers about E-Commerce: Muhammed Mekki of Namshi [Wamda TV]

Muhammed Mekki, co-founder of Namshi, discusses how Namshi is reinventing e-commerce in MENA by educating consumers about the potential of online business.

Namshi offers brands not otherwise available to much of the region, opening a breadth of new goods to consumers in MENA. They are seeing steady growth and market excitement as they expand to Egypt and Saudi.

Mekki handled Namshi’s customer service when they were first starting out and explains that, “The number one question that we get is…where is your store? And name the city.” One of the biggest hurdles for Namshi is educating consumers about how to use e-commerce sites to meet their needs. 

Mekki also addresses Rocket Internet’s work and influence in the region as well as future plans to expand Namshi’s reach and improve customer education and service throughout the region.

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