Entrepreneur of the Week: Hassine Labaeid of Saphon Energy in Tunisia

This week's Entrepreneur of the Week is Hassine Labaeid, the co-founder of Tunisian Startup Saphon Energy, which focuses on research and development in wind energy.  

Labaeid recently spoke at TED Global about the Saphonian, a new zero-blade wind power solution that his company is developing (we're told the TED talk will be posted soon).

After closing their first round of funding 8 months ago, Saphon Energy is continuing to develop the prototype while searching for a manufacturer and distributor to produce and sell their product once the research and development is complete. 

"It's very, very cheap to manufacture," he says, " Because we have removed most of the most expensive component of the turbine. On top of that, we have the option of storing energy… in a very affordable way."

The company asserts that the sail-like model is bird-friendly, because it lack rotating turbines, not to to mention it's potentially 2.3 times more efficient. 

[Apologies for the video quality; it was a particularly rough week for connections between Lebanon and Tunisia].

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