How to Polish Your Online Brand Before Employers Search for You


How to Polish Your Online Brand Before Employers Search for You

The rise of social and professional networking websites has made it easier to keep in touch with your network of friends and professionals to learn about job openings. It has also contributed to the growing trend in the number of employers who often perform internet searches on job candidates.

Contrary to what you might think, they’re not searching to find negative information about you; most employers simply look to confirm the information on your CV, hoping to validate your compatibility for the position.

Since having an impressive CV is no longer enough to help you get noticed by employers, Akhtaboot, an Endeavor Jordan company, provides you with some tips on how to polish your online personal brand before employers find you online!

Keep Track of your Online Footprints

It’s no secret that employers Google their potential employees before they consider them for the position. So make sure that your own online presence highlights the facts you want potential employers to discover. While you cannot always predict how the search will turn out, you can always keep a running record of your online activities. A smart thing to do is to set up a Google Alert so you can receive an email anytime your name, keyword or topic of interest comes up in Google results.

Start your Own Blog

Having your own blog is one of the best tools that will help you shed light on your personal attributes, because it is written in your own voice. Your blog can show your work, your writings or your opinion on some interesting topic. Think of your blog as a long-term career management tool. Over time, it will provide tangible evidence of your achievements and strengthen your online brand.

Manage your Social and Professional Profiles

When using social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, make sure that you use neutral pictures that do not reveal too much of your personal life. Avoid posting any outrageous status updates, and use privacy settings wisely. On the other hand, professional networks such as LinkedIn can help you build your professional brand and increase your visibility, so make sure that your profile- including your CV, cover letter, and references- is complete and searchable by employers.

Build your Network

As your network of friends, colleagues and clients grows, so do your reach, your influence, and your job opportunities. Luckily, all of the popular online networking platforms have tools to help you build your network quickly and ethically. Keep in mind that when it comes to connections, quality outplays quantity. Focus on enriching your network with people you know or have met in real life.

Whether you are currently employed or seeking a job, having a polished online presence is a valuable chance to create your personal brand and affect how people who don't know you think of you. Let's face it; no matter how professional you really are on the job, you can actually lose a whole lot of respect based on how you handle yourself online. With that in mind, what may be okay to share with friends is possibly not employer-friendly. Whenever you share or tweet anything, ask yourself: Who is going to see this?

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