Investing in E-Commerce: Part 5 [Wamda TV]

In the final segment of the second panel at our June event CoE E-Commerce, Show Me The Money, Part 2: Investing in E-Commerce, moderator Chris Schroeder, who previously served as the CEO at HealthCentral and Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, interviews Pamir Gelenbe of Hummingbird Ventures, James Chan of Neoteny Labs and Elie Habib of Riyada Enterprise Development and Aureos Capital.

How much should an entrepreneur share with investors when discussing his or her idea? 

"We encourage the entrepreneur to share a lot," says Elie Habib, noting that an entrepreneur and investor must both agree to confidentiality and trust. 

Yet, Gelenbe says that investors talk to each other a lot. "If you're the right one to execute it, the key thing that going to protect you is execution." 

Another crowd member asks about second rounds of funding when the initial investors are not VCs. James Chan explains how VCs treat a startup without VCs onboard like every other startup coming in for their first institutional round of funding.  

Finally, Schroeder asks panel members to share their last, "unobvious" advice. 

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