Making MENA E-Commerce Consumer Accessible: Ahmed Al Khatib and Ahmad Naboulsi of MarkaVIP [Wamda TV]

Ahmed Al Khatib and Ahmad Naboulsi of MarkaVIP discuss their inspiration for starting MarkaVIP as well as the target market they wish to capture through e-commerce.

They discuss their impressive sales numbers since launching in 2010, adding close to 10,000 members a day. Al Khatib explains what differentiates MarkaVIP from their competitors and other e-commerce businesses. "We learned very quickly that we need to be where the customer is, as well as where the supplier is. So we’ve set up local operations in almost every country where we operate,” says Al Khatib.

He discusses why cash-on-delivery transactions are much more common in MENA, especially when first using a new company’s services, emphasizing the need for consumer trust, education, and awareness regarding credit card use.

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