Wamda Hosts Live Twitter Interview With Lebanese Telecom Minister This Friday At 7pm

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    September 07, 2012

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    September 07, 2012

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The Lebanese Ministry of Telecommunication along with Zein Real Estate (ZRE) and Berytech have launched Beirut Digital District yesterday in Bachoura, inaugurating an innovative space with state-of-the-art infrastructure designed to contribute to the economic development of Lebanon. "Today, we are launching the first 5000 square meter facility dedicated to digital production," said telecom Minister Nicholas Sehnaoui during the launch ceremony.

Beirut Digital District is a project that will leverage government, organizations, and corporate funding to create jobs, empower digital citizen engagement, and provide an open innovation platform for entrepreneurs over the next five years. This digital hub will host accelerators, incubators and startups, in addition to companies and talent from around the globe. "We will be able to surpass Dubai's Media City in five years time, and place Lebanon at the heart of the digital world," said Sehanoui.

After the ceremony, many of the young enthusiastic Lebanese entrepreneurs present were wondering if this digital hub would be affordable for them, as a co-working space to launch their startups, since the big picture presented resembled more of a business corporate center than a startup friendly environment.

To answer many questions young entrepreneurs have about the center, in addition to entrepreneurship and innovation in Lebanon in general, Wamda will be interviewing Minister Sehnaoui live on Twitter this coming Friday, the 7th of September, at 7pm.

Follow @WamdaME to watch the interview, and share your questions with us previously by posting them in the comments area below or on Twitter using #Wamda2Sehanoui or anonymously by emailing them to social@wamda.com.

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