Wamdat Inspire Talk: Henri Asseily of Telnic [Wamda TV]

Henri Asseily, Chief Strategist and CTO of Telnic, discusses a critical aspect of website development at our June CoE E-Commerce event. He explains how “AB testing” two sample populations can have a huge impact on a site’s effectiveness and interactivity.

The technique is designed to test two different choices at the same time, including color scheme, logo placement, or button order. These choices can seem miniscule, and many startups leave it to the developer to make the decision. But through a simple AB test, startups can find the most effective way to present their products and services.

Asseily also explains that some people can get stuck in the trap of over-testing. “Optimizing what you have stops you from going to the next level, something much more important,” he reveals. Often new startups get stuck in making their site or their current functions perfect, instead of innovating and moving to the next level. Testing is important, but if you get stuck in over-optimization mode you can severely limit your growth; startups need to find a balance.

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