8 Infographics Illustrating Facebook Benchmarks In The Arab World

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TOP, a startup out of Endeavor Jordan, and in collaboration with Social Watchlist, identifies and analyzes eight core industries to evaluate who are the top performing Facebook pages per industry, rating pages based on community size, “talking about this,” engagement ratio, content performance, and response time.

The report The Online Project (TOP) helps entrepreneurs looking to see how their performance on Facebook fares against other startups in the MENA region, by details key performance indicators (KPIs), and showcases the behavior of the top corporate Facebook pages in the MENA region.

Eight infographics listed below, were built out of the report focusing on the eight industries analyzed: Food and Beverage, Telecom, TV Channels, Mobiles, Banks, FMCGs, Airlines, Automotives.

Click on each infographic for a larger version.


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