Ammar Abu Shady Of Egyptian Qabila TV At SHARE Beirut [WamdaTV]


Ammar Abu Shady one of the co-founders of Egyptian media startup Qabila TV speaks to Wamda during SHARE Beirut, in early October, about the platform being focused on creating Arabic content online that merges entertainment and quality together. The platform is producing an online user guide for the Egyptian citizen to understand the country's constitution and the political life through simplifying words and information, which became a need for the people during and after the Egyptian revolution.

Qabila TV has two arms: the first one is to produce Arabic online content as videos, infographics, and pictures, in an attempt to simplify the content as much as possible. The second one is producing commercial content which helps monetize the first arm.

The Qabila TV team is hoping to expand in more Arabic countries soon.

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