An Emerging Opportunity in the Cloud: Tariq Krim of Jolicloud [Wamda TV]

Tariq Krim, co-founder of Jolicloud, discusses a global trend towards using the Cloud to store and preserve data.

He explains that, “The cloud is just a fancy name for anything you have online,” noting a “huge change in the world” where people used to own things, including photos and information, but now things are going online and not coming back.

When this data goes online, it can be difficult to preserve it across platforms, between Android and iOS for example. Krim explains that people should have choice; with a range of services out there, Jolicloud wants to make sure users can access all of their information from anywhere on any device.

The U.S. has had the lead in the Cloud realm so far, but Krim offers some unique ideas for emerging countries to develop their own Cloud information management technology. One idea he mentions is countries possibly giving away a smartphone to everyone, making information sharing and things like healthcare easier.

Though it is difficult at times to convince users that their information is secure on the Cloud, Krim explains that data is much more secure on the Cloud than when using a hard drive.

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