Circumvention Tech Summit in Tunis

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    November 26, 2012

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    November 28, 2012

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OpenITP and the Information Security Coalition (ISC) will be hosting the Circumvention Tech Summit in Tunis, Tunisia from November 26-28th.

The Summit will bring together both developers working on Internet Freedom tools and Syrian activists who are using these tools in efforts to effect change in Syria.

"Increasing dialog between developers and users will help projects identify how they can best serve the real and immediate needs of the Syrian people, as well as other at-risk populations. Ultimately, our goal is to promote collaboration among technical projects that implement and preserve the principles of a free and open Internet."

The Summit seeks to help attendees increase access to users and testers, eliminate duplicative efforts, increase inter-project infrastructure, and foster open standards and best practices.

Attendees will share  their projects, learn about new and related projects, and receive direct feedback from Syrian activists using their tools. 


Contact OpenITP by November 1st if you would like to attend. Travel subsidies of varying amounts are available on a case-by-case basis for members of the circumvention tech community. 

Please RSVP to kaurin[AT] (or via their contact page).

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