Customized Medical Advices: Adnan Abou Sharar of Axein [Wamda TV]


Adnan Abou Sharar, Managing Director of Axein, talks about the mobile app that gives medical advices tailored for each user, based on the data entered. The app analyzes these data and gives daily advices collected from top medical sources, like Harvard University and others, upon deals made with them to use their content.

Axein was created to fill the gap where there is a lack in the awareness about health between Arabs, and the absence of the ability to find out who is the great doctor. Then it moved to be the advising app, and now also reaching more audience with the service of advising via SMS.

The company is self-funded till now, but Abou Sharar admits that they will need funding for sure, to develop the app more so it can be a real revolution in the medical advice sector for both patients and doctors.

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