Entrepreneur Of The Week, Elie Gregoire Khoury Of Panorama Mobile App: Dermandar [Wamda TV]

Entrepreneur of the week today on Wamda is Elie Gregoire Khoury co-founder of Dermandar, a mobile application to create and share panoramic photos. Dermandar was launched in mid 2011 and quickly became popular among a global audience even though the team did not spend any money on marketing.

Khoury explains how they focused all efforts on quality, and on the viral system through twitter and facebook. "Having a five stars product on the Apple store was enough to go global", says Khoury.

With the iPhone 5 releasing a built-in panorama camera, panoramas will spread widely and will be very easily taken. This is why, Dermendar are now trying to differenciate their application through the easy creation tool and an easy sharing platform. "People go to Youtube to share their videos, to Flickr to share their pictures and to Dermendar to share their panoramas. Our aim is to provide a platform full of panoramas with half a million uploaded and shared panoramas a day in the next 12 months", explains Khoury.

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