Going Digital: Offline Businesses Moving Online, Part 4 [Wamda TV]

In the last segment of our June CoE E-Commerce panel, Going Digital: Offline Businesses Moving Online, moderator Omar Christidis of ArabNet, fields audience questions for panelists Hassan Mikail of Aramex, Michael Trueschler of Citruss TV, and Alfonso De Gaetano of Google.

De Gaetano answers a question about Google+ and its usefulness for businesses to improve their search listing. He explains how Google+ does provide some distinct benefits for users and is not supposed to be just another Facebook.

Mikail answers questions regarding Aramex services for startups and explains some of the benefits Aramex offers. He explains that there is not one solution for everybody; startups have to find the best way to come online in a way that is financially viable and provides the most benefit for their business.

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