Helping Entrepreneurs To Pitch Their Ideas: Fay Niewiadomski Of ICTN [Wamda TV]

Fay Niewiadomski, founder and CEO of ICTN, discusses how she helped entrepreneurs to pitch at ArabNet conference and to enhance their speech content and presentations. “Addressing the problem is the most important element in any pitch. If you can’t convince the audience about the problem, your solution will be useless”, says Niewiadomski.

Niewiadomski revealed three important questions to help the entrepreneurs making their pitches quick, compact and attractive, and she thinks they did a great job in comparison to the short time they had to train and pitch.

The way the presenter looks and the visual communication have 55% of the overall impression, Niewiadomski points, followed by the way he/she talks that must reflect confidence and ease to tell and share ideas, with a percentage of 38%, so 98% of the impression isn’t related to the content. At the end, Niewiadomski talks about what makes ICTN unique, and the services they provide.

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