Kairos Collects the 50 Most Innovative Student-led Ventures – Are You One?

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Kairos Society gathers a group of leading entrepreneurs around the globe to collaborative on initiatives and pioneer new concepts- and they’re looking for applicants from the Arab World.

The Society, founded in 2008, gathers the world’s brightest entrepreneurs, many from top universities, to partake in fellowships, where they represent their region in the global community and connect with partner organizations to innovate new solutions.

"What if world leaders 25 years from now were best friends today?" says Shem Shaikh, President of Kairos Middle East, explaining the idea behind the initiative. “If we can get the most successful entrepreneurs from the most innovative and creative universities around the world and bring them together to learn from mentors, to make their creative process easier, this could have a combined impact.”

Students (and essentially any young entrepreneurs just out of college as well) can apply on a rolling basis across a variety of disciplines. Those who are accepted will be flown to New York for the yearly Kairos Global Summit in February 2013. There, entrepreneurs will collect at the New York Stock Exchange, as the event is co-hosted by the NYSE and the United Nations, and the Kairos 50, the 50 most innovative ventures coming out of colleges according to Kairos, will present their ideas. 

To check out last year’s Kairos 50, click here.

All of the attendees also work together to create solutions to problems the world is facing, on 10 main topics: Waste, Water Education, Healthcare, Information & Media, War & Conflict National Security, New Energy, Energy Conservation, and Diplomacy Through Entrepreneurship. Over the two day Summit, the entrepreneurs work with mentors to further develop their ideas into businesses.

Even Former U.S. President Bill Clinton has visited. “Kairos transcends [international] boundaries because in our interdependent world, there are no borders when it comes to the pressing issues that we all face,” he has said. 

Those entrepreneurs who want a chance to participate can apply to the fall round by heading to the application page (http://www.kairossociety.org/apply/) and getting in contact with Shem Shaikh: shem.shaikh@kairossociety.org. Prerequisites include founding an innovative company or being a thought leader in an emerging field.

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