Moataz Soliman Of A*Apps Demonstrates The Bug Reporting Platform [WamdaTV]

Co-founder and CEO of AStarApps Moataz Soliman gives us a demonstration of their ground-breaking bug reporting platform for mobile apps, during Flat6Labs's third demo day in Egypt. 

It’s the first platform to incorporate crowdsourcing of bug testers, allowing app developers to get their app bug tested by a global community is a way that ensures maximum quality. It also allows the average app user to get paid for finding bugs, and it's simple-  all developers have to do to incorporate bug reporting is to include one extra line of code, and all bug testers have to do to report a bug is to shake the mobile device, fill in the form, and point out the problem on the automatically generated screen-grab.

AStarApps say that they have “already signed up nearly every app development house in Egypt.”

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